Sausage & Pepperoni Pizza at Broadway




When Memphis-raised filmmaker Ira Sachs needed a desolate location to end his Sundance Film Festival-winning Forty Shades of Blue, he settled on an isolated stretch of blue-collar Broad Avenue in Midtown, just across from Broadway Pizza. Since the extension of Sam Cooper Boulevard closed off Broad to East Parkway a couple years ago, the few blocks of beer joints and industrial shops that surround the city's finest pie palace have felt hidden. But if that has added a few extra turns to my semiregular pizza runs, Broadway (which doesn't deliver) is well worth it.

Visitors from deep-dish Chicago or by-the-slice New York might not recognize this down-home variation on everybody's fave, with its medium-thick, cake-y crust and rectangular pieces, but it's as satisfying in its own way as anything I've had in those two pizza meccas. My usual is a vegetarian's nightmare: thick-cut pepperoni paired with copious amounts of fresh sausage that shame the mass-packaged pellets most joints pepper their pizza with.

The Flyer is currently archiving its "Recommended Dish"es. This one ran in March 2006.

(Image: Justin Fox Burks)

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