What's Cooking, Three 6 Mafia?




The members of Three 6 Mafia are currently busy putting the finishing touches on their next record, scheduled to be released on November 24th. But these enthusiastic cooks and eaters took the time, via e-mail, to tell Hungry Memphis what else is on their plates.

Is it true you're pitching a reality cooking show?
Yes, we are. It's called Cookin' Ain't Easy.

What's the concept?
It's about Three 6 Mafia and friends trying to be chefs. Cooking isn't as easy as it looks on TV! lol.

How did you learn to cook?
D.J. Paul: I started by wanting to cook steaks like Steak-Out here in Memphis. I used to always ask them for their ingredients at the location on Park Avenue way back in '97. So I flagged down the guys that ride around in the trucks with the frozen meats and bought like 200 steaks! I had so many that I had to give most away to family and I just sat at home and practiced on the rest.

Is there something you make that would be surprising to people?
People may be surprised that we specialize in Asian … Chinese and Thai.

What's your favorite thing to eat?
Our favorite things to eat are Asian dishes — Chinese, Japanese, Thai — and Memphis-style dry rub ribs, every two days!

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