Pimento Cheese Grits




This week's food feature is about Memphis-based Holiday Deli & Ham.

About six weeks ago, I sat down with the company's co-founder Trey Jordan to talk business. It was breakfast-time, so I ordered these pimento cheese grits, which were a special on the breakfast menu.

I told Trey that I have a cheese grits fetish. Grits with cheese sprinkled on top won't do. Baked cheese grits with a mix of sharp and mild cheeses and milk come close and are mighty fine. But, the grits of my youth and the ones I still like the best are made with a big tube of processed cheese. It ain't health food, but it's delicious.

As for Holiday Ham's pimento cheese grits, I liked them a lot. Pimento cheese suggests mayonnaise, though I really doubt there was any in this dish. In fact, the grits leaned less on creamy than they did on sharp. The cheddar cheese and the pimentos gave it quite a nice kick.

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