Tofu Pad Prik at Shang Hai




Just a few months ago, scientists discovered that the surface of Mars is much colder than they had previously thought. And, just seconds ago, I discovered that the Tofu Pad Prik at Shang Hai Oriental Restaurant — a stir fry of tofu, green onions, peppers, and Thai spices — is much hotter than I had previously thought.

I've had this dish many times before, but by "previously," I don't mean the last time I ate it but the last bite I took. Really, it was only a bite ago, and the next bite will be just as surprising, as will the next. In fact, in order to stand the heat, I have to keep the bites coming to maintain a manageable tongue temperature — feeding the fire, if you will.

Highly recommended for those who like things spicy.

(Image: Justin Fox Burks)

We're currently archiving our "Recommended Dishes." This RD is from March 2006.

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