Southern Foodways Symposium in October: Music & Food


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The University of Mississippi’s Southern Foodways Alliance is holding its 12th annual symposium October 30th-November 1st.

So, in a decade-plus, how do they keep the event fresh?

“Hell if I know!” declares SFA’s John T Edge.

Of course, Edge shouldn’t worry. This event has become a pilgrimage to foodies and has been for years a sell-out. (At this writing about 40 of the 250 to 300 spots are left.)

This year’s theme is “Music & Food.” “[Music and food fit] into the cultural crucible — race/class, past/present,” Edge says. “We want to explore the totems of Southern culture.”

The blues and jazz are tangled in the Southern food culture, which the symposium will address. But Edge is also interested in the here-and-now. “There’s the sepia-toned past, but [there’s also] the mono-chromatic future,” he says.

So the blues, jazz, hip-hop, and all the sounds will be incorporated into the symposium. But does that mean that musicians will be cooking and that chefs will be playing music?

"No!," Edge says. "Chefs are rock stars, but we want people to do what they do well."

… This one’s a two-parter. Stay tuned.


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