Beer Knurd Winner; Another Contest!



This is not Joel Deal (as far as we know)
  • This is not Joel Deal (as far as we know)
The question: What brewery produced the first "Oktoberfest" beer in honor of the annual celebration of King Ludwig I?

The answer: Spaten in Munich, Germany. The original festival was a wedding festival for the king and queen-to-be. It did not become a folk festival for many years later.

Congratulations to Joel Deal, the winner of the Beer Knurd contest. He’ll receive a free membership into the Flying Saucer’s U.F.O. Club.

While Deal lives in Dyersburg, he’s a regular at the downtown Flying Saucer. He also knows quite a bit about beer and says that he is the rare beast who evolved from a wine drinker to a beer drinker.

But enough about him, did you know this is Hungry Memphis’ 100th post?

Yep, it seems like just yesterday that we accidentally put an email link rather than a website link in a post about pie. Oh, yes, that was yesterday.

In any case, in honor of this occasion, we’re having another contest.

If there were a dish or meal called the "Hungry Memphis," what would it be?

Your answer can be silly but it MUST be food. Extra points for creativity.

You can answer in the comments section, and we'll name the winner at a later date.

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