Food at the Delta Fair


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Food News writer Pamela Denney and I checked out the food at the Delta Fair today.

For those of you who keep up with this sort of thing, you well know that the big buzz in fair food is deep-fried butter, which made its debut at this year's State Fair of Texas.

We didn't see anything as innovative at the Delta Fair but plenty of old tried-and-trues.

I tried my first, and probably last, deep-fried Twinkie.


Pam got a turkey leg for a pre-dinner snack from Old School Barbecue.


I also tried some corn from Shucks. This is Jerry Lyons. Lyons told us the corn comes from Colorado, and that it's marinated in "secret" marinade, grilled, peeled, and dipped in butter, seasoned with your choice of salt, pepper, etc. His favorite is the Mexican seasoning. I'm not a big corn fan, but this was good.


We stopped by to say hello to the folks at the Coletta's trailer. This is Jordan Russell, who has been cooking at the Coletta's on Appling Road for 10 years. I asked him if working the fair was some sort of punishment. He said, "It's not a bad gig."


We did not eat this cute baby goat because he was not deep-fried. Maybe next year.


The fair runs through Sunday.


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