Something Bad Has Happened Here



... and it mysteriously involves what I believe to be Ruffles brand potato chips.


I noticed the first chip as I was getting out of my car at work this morning.

There was another chip here, another there ... then a bonafide trail of chips going up two flights of stairs.


And then it ends abruptly in the middle of the third flight.


As I entered the lobby, the receptionist said, "I didn't do it!" That, by the way, means nothing, as this is pretty much her standard greeting.

My co-worker Greg Akers says that whatever happened had to have happened this morning as the chips were still crisp. And this was when I asked him how he knew... did he eat one? He said he just knew, that's all.

So, what the hell happened here? A chip mugging? An innocent chip-lover lured into a trap?

This calls for some food CSI.

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