Greatest News Ever (If You're a Kiss fan)



Hitting the market this week are M&Ms printed with the faces of the members of Kiss.


From the press release:

For a limited time, the KISS® Blend will take each of the members’ iconic faces and put them on colorful MY M&M’S® Chocolate Candies, creating a delicious collector’s item for any fan.

“KISS has always been and will continue to be all about the fans,” said Paul Stanley of KISS. “We couldn't resist the chance to be the first band to grace the iconic M&M'S® candies and continue to spread the KISS empire!”

The M&M promotion is being held in conjunction the release of Kiss' album Sonic Boom and the band's upcoming tour. Both the candies and the album are being sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

For what's it worth, you can put your own mug on M&Ms at

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