A Visit to Muddy's Underground Bakery



Kat Gordon with the Underground Bakerys vintage mixer
  • Stacey Greenberg
  • Kat Gordon with the Underground Bakery's vintage mixer
Monday afternoon I received a Facebook message from Kat Gordon, owner of Muddy's Bake Shop, inviting me to come see the new "Underground Bakery" which she just opened in Cooper Young. I am not one to say no to the prospect of free cupcakes.

The Underground Bakery's only (current) function is to supply treats to the original Muddy's out east. Kat does hope to someday have a grab-and-go section in the front of the store for Midtowners, like me, who crave Prozac cupcakes, but dislike the fifteen minute drive to the Sanderlin store.

"We have to take care of our immediate needs first," Kat said. "People just don't like to hear that there's a three-week wait on special orders!"

The new space, which was formerly occupied by the popular mama/baby hangout, Mothersville, has been opened up and looks just as sweet as one might expect a haven of sugar and treats to look. Shiny new convection ovens line the wall and a soon-to-be-fixed retro mixer serves as a conversation piece. "We're still playing with our recipes to get them just right," said Kat, who has been accustomed to using a conventional oven.

Thinking ahead to a possible hijack scenario, I asked Kat if their delivery truck would be marked. She laughed and said that for now they were using a plain old minivan, but that it was sure to be adorned with bumper stickers designed by loyal customers for a recent contest. "We had 40 entries," she said excitedly. "There's no way we can pick just one design."

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