The Vegetable Plate Conundrum




Last week, coworkers Greg, Pam, and Leonard and I went to the Blue Monkey. I ordered the vegetable plate, and just as the waitress was out-of-reach I began lamenting my choices.

"I should have ordered the tomatoes," I said.

"Why didn't you?" Greg asked.

"I panicked."

Happens all the time. So many options, not enough time to figure out a balanced plate.

Here were the veggies, with four making up the plate:
mashed potatoes
sauteed veggies
creamed spinach
sauteed mushrooms
sliced tomatoes
french fries
side salad
wild rice
cole slaw
green beans
veggie of the day: limas and mac-and-cheese

I chose: side salad, fries, green beans, and creamed spinach.

On Leonard's veggie plate: slaw, lima beans, green beans, and mashed potatoes.


Pam argued the side salad is never an option, being a cold thing with a bunch of warm things and said the mashed potatoes and creamy spinach were a no-brainer combo.

I countered that the salad was a leafy green and that the potatoes and spinach were too similar (creamy and rich).

Clearly, we're approaching this thing from different angles.

So, does there exist a perfect vegetable plate or is all in the eye (mouth) of the beholder?

And, btw, the waitress told us that the creamed spinach is the most popular item, while the wild rice is the least.

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