Reusable Sushi Menu at Sekisui Midtown



Picture_13.pngSekisui Midtown has embraced the idea of reducing their environmental impact since signing on with Project Green Fork in the spring. Not only can you take your leftovers home in an eco-friendly box, you can order your sushi (and appetizers) on a reusable sushi menu that they designed themselves. Wet-erase markers plus laminated menus equals an annual savings of 60 reams of paper. If customers respond well to the reusable menus, Sekisui will stock them in all of their restaurants.

When you get your eco-friendly menu, make sure to order the Project Green Fork roll. It's got sweet-potato tempura, asparagus tempura, strips of fresh avocado and cucumber, strings of daikon (Japanese radish), and scallions, wrapped in green soy paper and drizzled with a sweet soy reduction. It's a delicious way to go green.

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