Benito's Moose Mugs


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If you're a regular follower of "Benito's Wine Reviews," a local wine and cooking blog by Ben Carter (and you should be), you'll notice he has a thing for themed glassware. (See here for Halloween.)

In a recent post, he's pulled out his moose mugs, a nod to National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and a perfect vessel for egg nog.


I love the whimsy of the mugs, but what I really appreciate the most is the potential disaster these mugs promise. Those outstretched horns combined with the intoxicating effects of a properly liquored-up egg nog equals spills aplenty!

It's not a party until a proper mess is made, am I right?

I'm expecting a full post-egg-nog/moose-mug report, complete with insurance claims, from Benito after the holidays.


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