St. Hampton Cooler at the Cove



  • Justin Fox Burks
The Sex & the City girls had their signature drink — the Cosmopolitan — and now I have mine: the St. Hampton Cooler. My drink just happens to be an artisan cocktail and that means not everyone knows how to make it, but I can always count on the Cove.

Seemingly simple, the St. Hampton Cooler is an exquisite mixture of vodka, cranberry juice, and a key ingredient, St. Germain, a liqueur made from the elderflower, a blossom of the elder tree. The starry white flowers are gathered by 40 to 50 men pedaling the Alpen French countryside. (I love envisioning this as I sip my cocktail.) Once distilled into an intoxicating nectar, it is blended with a small amount of citrus and natural cane sugar.

It may sound like a spring-y cocktail, but consider this: Elderflowers and fruits are used to lower fever, reduce inflammation, and soothe irritation, and they have a diuretic and anti-mucus effect. I’m not saying this drink is guaranteed to stave off the flu or anything, but it isn’t the worst thing to drink either. Did I mention the 40 to 50 Frenchmen?

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