Elote in a Cup at Casa Perez



I’ve grown quite fond of Mexican corn — aka elote, which is corn on the cob slathered in crema, coated in cotija cheese, sprinkled with cayenne, and squirted with lime juice. Several restaurants around town (Las Tortugas, Mollie Fontaine Lounge, among them) feature it on the menu, and a nice woman on Macon Road sells it from the Z Market parking lot on Friday and Saturday nights. However, there are times when my corn cravings do not coincide with normal restaurant hours, much less the nice lady’s hours in the Z Market parking lot.

Enter Casa Perez.

A friend of mine miraculously discovered that this convenience store/carniceria, located on Summer Avenue near Mendenhall, sells elote by the cupful all day long. The corn is kept warm in the back of the store, and the crema and cheese are kept cool in the front. Each one is made-to-order. Four dollars gets you a large; $3 a small. (Cash only unless you spend more than $10.) Eating this creamy corn concoction with a spoon isn’t quite as fun as ravenously biting it off the cob and giving yourself a crema/cheese moustache, but it eliminates the need for a toothpick, maybe even a napkin. Try it! You can thank me later.

Casa Perez, 4880 Summer (683-0505)

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