Hephzibah Closed; Blues Bar Coming




My former next-door neighbor, Barbara, swore the catfish at Hephzibah was the best catfish on the planet, especially when you needed a quick dinner to go.

Looks like I’ll never get to try the catfish or the restaurant’s signature hot wings, because Hephzibah closed a few weeks ago. Folks who drive by the bright red and black building at 3627 Park probably have noticed the plywood on the restaurant’s windows.

I stopped by Saturday when I noticed people inside and met Leon Sails. Leon and his wife, Candi, have leased the building and are planning to open a restaurant and blues bar.

“We don’t know when we will open,” Sails said. “We’re just getting started figuring all that out.”

One thing Sails did promise: In addition to music, the restaurant’s smoke house for barbecue will be put back to use.

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