Bread, Milk, Eggs



The Flyer reported via Twitter last night that the snow panic had officially begun at the Midtown Schnucks.

@sciencebastard responded with this picture, presumably taken at said Schnucks:


However, I was at Whole Foods last night, and all was calm. (A coworker told me that's because hipsters don't care.)

Food news writer Pamela Denney braved both Superlo and the Fresh Market in East Memphis this afternoon and reported a similar lack of hysteria. (Perhaps it's all of East Memphis that does not care.)

But for those who did get your snow rations of bread, milk, eggs, you must do something with them, right?

French toast is an obvious choice to fill all those days trapped indoors. Perhaps a nice fried-egg sandwich washed down with a glass of milk? Bull's Eyes are awfully cute too.


At a loss for more ideas? The nifty site finds recipes by ingredients.

What snow-day staples have you stocked up for "ZOMG ICYDEATH 2010"?

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