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A trio of links today all about hot dogs.

Stacey Greenberg, a frequent contributor to the Flyer's food section, sent me this link from The Riverfront Times food blog Gutcheck titled "20 Unholy Recipes: Dishes So Awful We Had to Make Them."

Writer Robin Wheeler cooks up alarming recipes from old cookbooks. Pictured above is Jellied Bouillon with Frankfurters.

On NPR this morning was a report on the minor-league baseball team West Michigan Whitecaps, which is holding a contest in which fans can vote on concession stand snacks. From the story: "One candidate is the Twinkie cheese dog. It's a hot dog, stuck in a Twinkie and covered with cheese. The winners will join a menu that already includes a 4,800 calorie burger."

Finally, this from Serious Eats, a fried-rice covered hot dog.

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