Woodlands Vegetarian Indian Cuisine Now 100% Meatier




This week's "Recommended Dish" by Bianca Phillips called for some last-minute editing.

In singing the praises of Woodlands' Gobi Manchurian, a cauliflower fritter, she wrote, "I was certain someone had slipped a meatball on my plate. Thankfully, Woodlands is meat-free, so I knew that wasn’t possible."

That last line was excised because Woodlands started serving meat on February 12th.

And with that, the one and only exclusively vegetarian restaurant in Memphis is gone.

Woodlands manager Terence Dias says some patrons wouldn't return after they saw there was no meat on the menu. Since its addition, however, he says buffet sales have surged from 75 or so a day to 100 and 120 a day.

Among the new meat items are chicken tandoori and chicken lollipops. Dias says they serve lamb and goat specialties as well.

(I'll post Bianca's Recommended Dish later this week.)

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