A Dish to (Un)Die For




On Saturday, after the Southern Women's Show, Pam Denney and I went to the Emerald Thai Restaurant.

I hadn't been there in years and was looking forward to trying it again, and Pam was craving their rich Tom Kha Kai soup.

Soupwise, I opted for the Tom Yum Veg.

Yowza, this is a delicious soup ... and one with consequences!

The soup has a tomato-rich broth and is filled with mushrooms and broccoli and other vegetables. Its chief characteristic, however, is its chili-spiked heat.

It not only cleared my sinuses, but I'm pretty sure it was the catalyst for a crazy, epic dream I had that night.

It involved: black kittens in the toilet, my childhood home, and a former coworker and his dad. My dogs Cricket and Violet were there, as were tons and tons of drooling zombies(!).

I cannot wait to get another bowl.

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