Falafel Plate at Sean's Cafe



  • Justin Fox Burks

Having made falafel many times, I know it’s as easy to whip up as it is to screw up. I have baked it, fried it, used a box mix, and started from scratch — all to varying results. So when I’m looking for consistency in this Middle Eastern chickpea patty, I leave the kitchen and go to Sean’s Café for the Falafel Plate.

The falafel are five little gems — perfectly fried to a crisp and still miraculously moist. They are the star of the show, to be sure, but the sides of tabouleh salad, pita bread, tahini sauce, and hummus more than pull their weight. And while each component can be enjoyed on its own, my approach is to spread the wonderfully tart tabouleh and thick hummus on the pita, top that with the falafel, and glue it all together with the tahini. It’s a blissful bite, and the plate is more than a bargain at $7.15.

Sean’s Café, 1651 Union (274-3917)

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