Filet-o-Fish Coincidence



Yesterday I stopped by a Rite-Aid in East Memphis and happened upon a chest-high stack of these:


As I stood there gawking, an employee came by and said it was like the commercial. I said I was unfamiliar with the commercial and then we proceeded to press all the buttons we could reach. It was a cacophony of Filet-o-Fish.

Today, I youtubed the commercial, which is from a year ago, and I have to say, it's pretty funny.

Later on, a coworker walked in with the remains of the Filet-o-Fish sandwich she had just eaten.


To which, I guess I could say, "If it were you in that sandwich you wouldn't be laughing at all."

If you're interested, these singing Filet-o-Fish go for about $20.

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