Sheep-Pig and Other Odds and Ends




Surely you know of the sheep-pig? I learned of this fabulous creature earlier this week via The Awl.

When my coworker first saw sheep-pig, he thought exactly the same thing I did: "Looks delicious." (Yep, I'm a vegetarian, but I'd definitely considering eating a sheep-pig.)

As for the other food items, I've got rattling around ...


Chick Fil-a is offering a special seasonal peach milkshake. I tried one last week at the Church Fil-a on Union. It was good, though the large chunks of peach tended to clog the straw. They should consider switching to those giant bubble-tea straws.


Every spring, it's the Mineral, Fossil & Jewelry Show and its fantastic food table. (Click to enlarge the photo.) It looks like food, but they're rocks. I never fail to be amused by this. The show is Saturday and Sunday at the Agricenter.

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