CSA, Week 3


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I couldn't make it to the Botanic Garden to pick up this week's CSA share, so a friend picked it up for me. The take was so bountiful that I wonder if I got a full share by mistake instead of my usual half share.

In the bag this week: radishes, turnips, carrots, a head of cabbage, basil, salad greens, and red potatoes.


As for last week, I ate the lettuce and radishes in salads. I also sauteed some of the green onions and radishes. I froze the strawberries and the herbs. I also used up week one's sweet potatoes in a lemongrass-sweet potato soup.


Pam Denney gave me the idea for the soup, though I don't think the linked recipe above is the one she used.

Also on the plate pictured above, at front, is a Korean pancake, using greens from the onions and an egg from Flora Farms. Because I was finishing the soup at the same time I was cooking the pancake, the timing was off and the pancake suffered for it. I ate it anyway.


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