CSA, Week 6: The Torch Is Passed




Now it’s time to amp up the game.

Susan’s CSA half-share with Whitton Farms ended last week, so I’m taking up the torch and reporting on my full share, also from Whitton Farms. This is my third season cooking with a CSA share, so I like to think I’m a bit of a pro. But admittedly, I groaned a little when I saw this week’s yellow squash and zucchini. “It’s too early for squash,” I muttered to myself.

In addition to the six yellow squash and four zucchini, here’s what else what I picked up in my share Wednesday at the Botanic Garden’s Farmers Market: a large bunch of carrots and a large bunch of radishes, 20 small red potatoes, snow peas, a pound of beans (purple hull, I think) and a lot of basil. Plus I have a mixed bag of chard and kale, a huge head of cabbage, and a few potatoes left over from last week.

Typically when I pick up my produce, I like to clean, sort, and look at it for a few hours to start thinking about what to make. My immediate task: use the chard and the cabbage. I’ll make my last batch (I hope) of beans and greens soup with the chard, but that cabbage? Any suggestions for a slaw that’s Asian focused instead of smothered with mayonnaise?

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