Yellow from Superlo



While there are many devotees out there, I am a relatively recent convert to the gospel of the low-low prices of Superlo. (Another thing I appreciate — and I can only speak of the Spottswood location — is how absolutely pristine and calm the store is.)

On my last visit a few weeks ago, something bright yellow in the prepared-foods cooler caught my eye.


I thought it was a lemony dessert. It's turkey gravy ($2.19).

It was near ketchup-covered meatloaf ($4.99-$6.99), so I looked around for something blue to complete the primary-colors scheme and found these blue-icing-covered "Patriot" cookies (10 for $3.29).


As for the question you're asking yourself right now, the answer is: No, I don't have anything better to do.

(For a non-food-related time-kill, check out Cecil Adams' 1991 Straight Dope column on additive and subtractive primary colors.)

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