Burp!: "5 Days of Pizza"




For his birthday dinner, David Dooley knew he wanted pizza but couldn't decide on a place.

His solution? Go to five place over five days and invite all his friends along.

Guests were given paper chef hats and attachable mustaches. The itinerary: Pete and Sam's, Coletta's, Broadway Pizza, Villa Castrioti, and Memphis Pizza Cafe.

The epic culinary adventure was captured in this video album:

Dooley gives his post-mortem:

On future birthdays, we're planning other types of cuisine like the "5 days of Sushi", "5 days of Mexican" or "5 days of BBQ". Who knows??? We do recommend trying this, but definitely pace yourself. It's not only an event but also a challenge. By day three, you may hit the wall!!

And don't forget: have birthday cake on the last day of the event, tip your waiters/waitresses generously and give them a piece of cake to help celebrate, too!

Happy birthday, David! And thanks to Stacey Greenberg who spotted this on Facebook.


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