Upper Crust's Name Change




The Upper Crust, the meat-and-three restaurant on Cleveland, has changed/is changing to Just Heavenly.

It's a bit confusing because the signage and restaurant receipts still read "Upper Crust," but basically, it's now Just Heavenly.

I was told the name change was planned since the restaurant was bought from the original owners a year ago October.

Anyway ... the reason I was at Upper Crust/Just Heavenly was that the recent change in the weather has had me craving vegetable plates, and more specifically, lima beans.

The plate pictured at top — greens, lima beans, and mashed potatoes — was terrific as well as a bargain. The three-vegetable plate — they also offer four-vegetable plate and meat-and-threes — was only $3.95.

The server mentioned the cream cheese/mandarin orange cake ($2.25), and I was intrigued enough to order it. Tasted like a Push-up Pop.

I recommend bringing cash, as the credit-card machine has been down the last two times I've been.

The Upper Crust/Just Heavenly, 326 S. Cleveland (474-4938).

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