What's Cooking for Christmas?


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During the holidays, I type up my menu in a fun font and pass it around to my family a day or two before dinner. Seeing the menu gets everybody pumped and provokes a little help with the cooking (although that last part doesn’t always happen).

This Christmas Eve, I’m following the lead of my friend Victoria, who makes spinach lasagna in homage to her Italian family. For years, the clan would gather in someone’s finished basement in upstate New York for a feast of fish, vegetables, and pasta until midnight, when the meat would roll out to help control (or encourage) the drinking, arguing, hugging, crying, and card playing that went on until 3 a.m. in the morning when Uncle Mikey would insult someone’s wife and end up passed out in the back yard. But I digress.

For Christmas day, I don’t always make the same thing because of my daughter’s on-again, off-again vegetarian lifestyle. This year, we are embracing beef, so here’s what we’ll be cooking on Saturday.

Christmas Day 2010

For Starters:
Three-layer vegetable pate
Roasted Pecans

For Dinner:
Filet mignon with shallot butter and red wine
Potatoes Mashed with Blue Cheese
Carrot soufflé
Grilled asparagus

For Dessert:
Million-Dollar Pound Cake and Coffee

What’s on your Christmas menu?


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