Coming Clean: Cooking Club of America



About a year ago I received an envelope from Cooking Club of America. As best as I can describe it, you join and get to test cooking products. (For a real eye-opener, type it into your Google prompt for suggested searches.)

Since I'm not much of a joiner anyway, I tossed contents of the envelope, except for this bowl scraper.


One of the great abominations for foodies is the non-essential one-function tool, but as you can clearly see the Cooking Club of America cleverly sidesteps this. This bowl scraper not only scrapes bowls, it measure pasta.

Which brings me to something else taking up space in my kitchen drawer ...


It's a bowl scraper with another function, and this one by Martha Stewart! It's silicone and has measurement conversion tables on each side.

I know I've never used the Cooking Club of America tool for scraping or measuring, so that one is going.

As for the Martha tool, I think I've used it to scrape once. She stays.

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