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I spent Monday honoring Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy at the Williams-Sonoma outlet.


There I spotted this most adorable enamel-covered cast iron mini Staub cocotte selling for an eye-popping $50. (By comparison a Cuisinart ice cream maker was going for the same price.)

One description I read about the mini recommended using it for sauces and as a ramekin for soups. If I had one, I'm guessing it would eventually be holding spare change, a twist-tie or two, and the odd earring.


Also at Williams-Sonoma are these colorful Pure Komachi chef knives, running around $10 and under.


Finally, there's this off-shoot of the Wild Abundance cookbook: Wild Abundance paper placemats. A Set of 50 will set you back $24. Available at Davis-Kidd.


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