At Silly Goose, a Birthday and New Menu




Two years, really? It seems that Silly Goose has been part of the downtown landscape for longer than that.

But, yes, says owner Daniel Masters, Silly Goose is indeed just two. "We're still young," he says.

In any case, tonight's anniversary party, starting at 9 p.m. is for grown folks: The popular Fireball shot is $4 and domestic beers are going for $2.50.

On Monday, Masters hopes to unveil the new menu, which is definitely eclectic and perhaps can best be described as pragmatic.

"We have a small kitchen and a new oven," Masters says. "We're doing what we can with that oven: good food that doesn't take long."

The flatbreads are still there and there are a number of appetizers, from spinach dip to beef queso. Entrees include cheeseburger sliders, parmesan chicken rolls, and an oven-roasted ribeye.

One of the big draws, says Masters, is the seafood macaroni with shrimp and lobster.

"That's like crack to people."

Silly Goose, 100 Peabody Place (435-6915)

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