Memphis Magazine Dining Issue: What I've Learned


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I'm currently making my way through Memphis magazine's Dining Issue, which includes the results of the readers' restaurant poll and great features on Jim's Place's new place and some neat retro kitchenwares. (And, yep, much bias here as Memphis magazine is the Flyer's sister pub.)

But, what I'm learning the most from is "The Good Diner" by Marilyn Sadler.


It's a collection of 25 tips on being a good customer as gathered from three veteran waiters: Jeff Frisby of Restaurant Iris, Melvin "Too Tall" Moore of Erling Jensen, and Steven Shipp of Felicia Suzanne's.

The general takeaway is that a) these waiters are very accommodating and b) I should probably never leave the house. More specifically ...

Per rule number 19 "Bringing your own wine? Show a little class": It's considered poor form to bring wine in a paper bag and God help you if you leave the price tag on. What I'm not clear on is why this is such a sin.

Per rule number 25: "Connect with your waiter, enjoy your meal, and by all means come back": Waiters love hugs!

To read more on how to act right while dining out, pick up the February issue of Memphis magazine on stands now.


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