Coming Clean: DMZ


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My kitchen is now a de-mustard-ized zone. But all this began with a bottle of Balsamic vinegar.

I was making a vinaigrette and when I upturned the bottle of vinegar ... nothing. Shake ... nothing. The vinegar had congealed.

I was telling my coworker about this, and she said, Unheard of. Not possible.



This led me to sniffing all the vinegars in my cabinets and then to a fridge purge.


Apparently, my fridge is where condiments go to die. I simply cannot get through a bottle of anything before the expiration date. The mustard is a particularly neglected item. Each of these bottles (four in all) are full but for a teaspoon used in a recipe.

One of those bottles just expired on March 4th, and I thought about keeping it, but that would mean throwing it out whenever I cleaned out the fridge next.

Dumping everything from the fridge always reminds me of that episode of Hoarders with the woman whose determination of when food had gone bad was when the package was puffy. I'm not that brave.

(And speaking of brave in regards to expired food items, coworker Bianca Phillips talks about using a soy product that had expired nearly a year ago.)


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