Happy Tummy




I went to Happy Tummy last week because, c'mon, it's Happy Tummy.

Happy Tummy is somehow related to Yums, and this is reflected in the menu, which offers everything from sandwiches (including the "world famous steak cheese & cheeseburger"?) and hot wings to a Chinese buffet and fried pies.

This illustration from their website suggests they even serve rainbows.


This was actually my second visit. First time around I fled after a quick glimpse at the buffet and the menu on the wall and didn't see anything vegetarian. Inspecting the menu later, however, I saw that they do indeed have a handful of non-meat dishes.

I got the broccoli with garlic sauce ($3.49) and an order of fried rice ($3.49).


It is what it is. Not bad, not great. Fast and cheap.

Happy Tummy, 308 Poplar (575-3155)

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