Olive and Sinclair Artisan Chocolate



When we finished lunch at Trolley Stop Market this afternoon, we found a stack of delightfully packaged chocolate bars from Olive and Sinclair by the register.


The Nashville chocolatiers make a variety of Southern artisan chocolate bars, from Sea Salt and Coffee Bean, to Cinnamon-Chili and Salt & Pepper. We sampled the Coffee Bean, and as lovely as the packaging was, the “hand-crafted, small batch, slow-roasted, stone ground” chocolate inside was equally toothsome.


But the coolest part of all is that on the Olive and Sinclair website, you can watch how they make the chocolate. Check it out here.

At $5.75 a pop, these bars might seem a little pricey, but the chocolate is rich enough to last you a few days… if you let it.

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