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Have you voted in the Best of Memphis reader's poll yet?

And, speaking of best ... someone's started a blog devoted to finding the Best Memphis Burger.

And, yes, I have something to add ...

Flyer editor Bruce V. mentioned earlier on Twitter that if you don't vote you can't complain when Red Lobster wins.

Red Lobster, unfairly or not, has become the go-to villain of the Best of Memphis — the example almost always used when someone complains about the results. (One time, I was at a hair salon where I overheard the stylist saying she was unhappy with the Best of results. Her client responded, "What do you expect when Red Lobster always wins for 'Best Seafood'?" I look over, and the client is a fellow coworker!)

For the record, Red Lobster has not won in years.

In the Best Memphis Burger's first foray, he goes to Five Guys. Given his thoughts, sounds like my no burger on my burger approach wasn't so dumb after all.


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