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Caroline Sorrels, the prepared foods team leader for Whole Foods, dropped by 460 Tennessee St. Friday with some delicious samples from their newly relaunched catering menu.

The mezze platter, with tangy rice-stuffed dolmas, olives, feta, marinated peppers, roasted garlic cloves and some extra-spicy hummus was fantastic.


Ditto on the stacks of tuna and tofu sandwiches, and the roast beef and mock chicken wraps.


Like so many of the foodies who blog here I have one dietary quirk worth mentioning whenever I write about product: I’m gluten-free. So basically that means I ate the insides of the sandwiches and left bread for the birds. Still, I think I have a pretty good sense of where these were going. The marinated tofu sandwich was especially tasty on its bed of sauteed kale, with a beautifully roasted tomato on top. The whole thing was slathered in an avocado spread with plenty of lime juice: fantastic. Who needs bread?

The new catering menu features breakfast items, salads, sandwiches, and hors d’oeuvres ranging from traditional antipasto to a vegan cheese platter. Entrees include classics like London broil and lasagna alongside Asian Soy nuggets.

Check Whole Foods' website for more information on their catering services.

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