East Tapas and Drinks



Last week, Pam and I checked out East Tapas and Drinks, the stylish new offshoot of Wang's Mandarin House that serves small plate dishes and cocktails.


For drinks, I got the Sake Blossom ($9), which is sake with St.-Germain, a liqueur made with elderflower. Pam's drink was a gin and tonic with St.-Germain ($9).

I've never really been able to appreciate flower-enhanced food and drink, but this was good and not a bit perfume-y.

The sesame noodles ($5) were a favorite at the table. This a nice hot-weather dish and the sriracha gives it a surprisingly spicy kick.


Pam is a sucker for anything ceviche, so she got the ceviche shrimp ($7, pictured above at right). She like the dish a lot, but she gave the most praise to the thai-lime chicken wings ($6).


We also tried the three cheese mac n cheese ($5). Also good and amped up with sour cream.


And the tempura vegetables ($5), which is served with a creamy, gingery sauce.


Pam and I both ended up with to-go boxes. For two drinks and five dishes, it came to $50 before tip, which is more than reasonable.

We'll be back.

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