Slider Inn



The menu at Slider Inn notes the restaurant is in its soft-opening phase and still working out the kinks.

Indeed, during our visit today, there were some hiccups in the service, but the veggie slider ($7.99) I had was fantastic.


This slider is, according to the menu, "whatever isn't meat and in our kitchen ... " On this day it meant avocado, sprouts, tomato, lettuce, cheese, and sauteed mushrooms. The mushrooms absolutely made this dish sing.

And, before you go nuts about me daring to darken the door of a burger joint, I did have my token meat-eater with me.

He ordered the Original Memphis slider ($7.99), which is a basic slider with ketchup, mayo, and American cheese. He said it was good.

Slider Inn, 2117 Peabody (725-1155)


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