Red Velvet Funnel Cake at the Delta Fair



As I was entering the Delta Fair yesterday, I witnessed a small set-to involving a man with a small boy and the parking attendants. It was an unpleasant situation on what should be a very pleasant day.

Would the man and the boy get to ride the rides, see Bigfoot, eat a red velvet funnel cake?


I'm relatively indifferent about red velvet cake. The red dye turns me off, and I can take or leave cream cheese. On the other hand, I've got no beef at all with funnel cakes and fried-dough treats, in general.

The funnel cake, dyed red, tasted like a funnel cake, but the cream cheese icing was just too much. So, I'll call it a draw. Good enough, but a few bites in, and I was done.

The Delta Fair continues through Sunday, September 11th.

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