Sticker Shock and a Spot of Tea



Yesterday I received a call from a woman who was absolutely stunned by the treatment she had received at a popular local restaurant. According to her account, this was her first visit and as she was ordering she made what she believed was a rather innocuous remark.

Apparently, the owner did not see it that way.

She had said something like, "That's a pricey meal," and with that, the owner took the menu out of her hand and told her to get out!

Since I did not witness this encounter, I'll decline to take sides. But, I will say, I feel for the lady because I as well had a recent case of sticker shock myself at Teavana.

I'm new to tea, and I had heard that there is serious tea wonkery at Teavana.

That's true enough. After I mentioned what I like, the friendly salesperson made a recommendation and started talking about 1.5 teaspoons, tin sizes, 175 degrees, bubbles ... My mind wandered.

But I snapped to right-quick when I heard the total of $52. I yelped!

The tea I chose was the Imperial acai blueberry. It was $42 for 7.1 ounces. The tin cost $6. (For just $1 more, you get a larger tin.)

About that tea from the Teavana site:

Renowned for its antioxidants, white tea and "superfoods" blueberries, acai and black currant are combined in this royal treat. One sip unveils the subtle undertones of white grape, hibiscus flower and rare rosehips. A new favorite!

Well, okay then. I'm sold.

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