Baloney Boats: Photographic Proof



About a week ago coworker Michael sent out the following email:


Some of you skeptics always doubted the existence of "Baloney Boats" even though I insisted this mouth-watering blend of fried baloney, mashed 'taters, and eerily yellow cheese was a staple of the finest public high-school cafeterias.

Well, here's the proof. An actual photo showing now just one, but TWO of these delicacies.

Please make sure these are served at my funeral.

For the record, I always believed in baloney boat, but this is the first time I have seen one.

The image is from a Washington state blogger Amateur Malcontent. Unfortunately, I can't find the post that goes with the picture.

I can't really remember what my high school cafeteria served. I have vague memories of fried chicken, but beyond that ...

What did your high school cafeteria serve?

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