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A quick roundup of restaurant news ...

Slim Skillet's is now Slim's & Bentley's, and Vito's Cucina has changed its name to Vito's To Go.

Bar None is no more. Zac's Cafe is now open. And Ghost River returns a winner.

Scott Day and father Dennis Day of the Butcher Shop opened Slim Skillet's on Germantown Parkway a couple years ago.

The concept behind Slim Skillet's centered around its pan-fried chicken, but now that concept and the restaurant's name have been tweaked. Slim Skillet's morphed into Slim's & Bentley's about five or six weeks ago.

Bentley's is a reference to the high-quality automobile, Scott says, and the Bentley Burger is a high-quality burger.

The Bentley Burger traces its origins to the Butcher Shop and its popular Friday hamburger lunches.

The burgers are made with New York strip steak. Scott says when the lunches began four years ago, they sold about 30 to 40 burgers. They now average 650 to 700 burgers sold.

"It's freakishly good," says Scott.

Scott says they'd like to expand — to Southaven, Millington, Midtown, all over.

"This is something we can run with," he says.

2200 N Germantown Pkwy in Cordova (384-1690)


Vito's dropped the Cucina and added To Go a few weeks back to emphasize its drive-thru, delivery, and take-out options. "Homemade Food to Eat at Home" reads the menu. The restaurant seating is limited to two tables on the patio.

2886 Walnut Grove (590-1907)


I don't have any info on what's going in the Bar None space beyond the Facebook message that "Chef Bragg has sold Bar None to two great downtowners who are going to transform the place into something else really cool." But former Bar None chef Antony Field is now at Zac's Cafe.

Field, who left Bar None several months ago, says Zac's Cafe, located at the Hampton Inn at Peabody Place, opened a few weeks, running a "soft opening."

One thing he says he discovered during this period is that no one's around to eat breakfast at 6 a.m., so he's changed the opening to 7 a.m.

Paul Ryburn has an image of Zac's menu at his blog.

175 Peabody Place (579-3300)


Ghost River won its first medal at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO. They brought home the silver medal in the Irish Red Ale category with their Copperhead Red. Boscos Brewery walked away with its third gold medal in the German Wheat Ale category for its Boscos Hefeweisen.


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