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A sampling of YoLo Bakes items, including a nutella and banana poptart
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  • A sampling of YoLo Bakes items, including a nutella and banana "poptart"

YoLo Bakes at the YoLo Midtown store came about quickly, says owner Taylor Berger.

After Ladybugg Bakery was offered a new space in Hernando, they decided to take over the bakery case in the store.

YoLo Bakes launched last Saturday.

Berger says the timing was good. The cooler weather means the store's traffic has slowed, allowing gelato man Will Johnson to devote energy to YoLo Bakes. Store manager Maggie Swett is on the endeavor as well, and rounding out the team is Brandi Marter, a Midtown YoLo regular who was doing bulk baking for a retirement home.

Right now, the trio are experimenting with different cookies, cupcakes, and other treats. One of Marter's creations was the nutella-and-banana "poptart."

Berger says Mater is big on desserts with fillings at the moment, be they cupcakes or the chocolate-spiked one that Berger has some trouble describing. Is it like a brownie, like a cake? "It's like a scone," he says.

They'd like incorporate the local ingredients they use as yogurt toppings — Dinstuhl's candies, Delta Pecans, etc. — and they want to work in the yogurt and gelato as well for desserts such as gelato cookie sandwiches.

In fact, Berger sees these gelato cookie sandwiches playing a part in the future of YoLo's catering ventures. Berger talks about customizing gelato flavors for events; he talks about these events having gelato sandwich bars.

Ultimately, Berger says, the goal for YoLo — the 11th location is opening soon — is pretty simple.

"The goal," he says, "is to make the best-tasting stuff."

YoLo Bakes at the YoLo Midtown location, 6 S. Cooper (343-0438)

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