I Dropped a Knife on the Dog's Head, and Other Kitchen Mishaps



About a week ago I was cutting a loaf of hard-crusted bread. The knife got stuck. I yanked. Knife flew out of my hand and onto my dog Violet's head.


No harm done beyond the serious scare for both of us.

Flying knives or no, here's Violet braving the kitchen to check out my new wall oven.


When it was brought to the house on Friday, the delivery men told me they don't install, which came as a surprise to me. A call to customer service came with this reply: Yeah, we don't specify that. That I did not completely lose my sh*t at that was also a surprise to me.

My oven has been broken since March 2010. I'm not proud of that (ok, maybe a little), and I've managed to make due with the stovetop. But that meal I made of bad mustard greens, soggy asparagus, and potatoes ready an hour after everything else (not to mention the small fire involving an oven mitt) finally had me opening my tight little fist to purchase this new wall oven that is currently on the floor.

The oven should be installed today. So, two questions ... What should I make? And, what are your most memorable kitchen mishaps?

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