Mmm ... McEwen's, Molly's, Mosa



A couple weeks ago, at just about the time that the Fuel food truck was heading downtown, some coworkers and I were headed to Midtown for the restaurant. (Stacey's right, btw: the walnut loaf sandwich is excellent.)

Yesterday, however, I decided to try the food truck, which was parked at Second and Madison. I found a plum space right in front of McEwen's on Monroe. But, by the time, I turned the corner, the truck was gone. So, back to McEwen's ...


I ordered the molasses-glazed Portabello and zucchini sandwich ($8), which I liked a lot, but I really loved the potato salad side — which is both creamy and vinegar-y and perfectly seasoned.

Other recent lunches ... the black bean, spinach, and mushroom enchiladas ($6.95) at Molly's La Casita. The sour cream sauce makes this dish, and one thing I really appreciate about Molly's (besides the super fun happy hour) is that they serve lunch until 3 p.m.


And, finally, a lunch just made for rainy, cold days like this one ... pad thai ($7.50) at Mosa Asian Grill.


Mosa makes the dishes to order — mild, medium, or spicy. The way I judge if a dish is spicy enough (and this may be odd) is whether or not I need to blow my nose after post-meal. This one was a nose-blower.


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