Everybody, Coconuts


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I picked up this "limited edition" coconut-flavored Twix (around 50 cents) at Wayne's Candy.


I ended up giving it a coworker who provided this rather intriguing review:

Oh man that candy bar was awesome. You should've kept it!!! I'm not allowed to have Twix again, it got weird it was sooo good.

More on coconuts ...

A couple weeks ago I was visiting my sister in San Diego. We picked up a couple of these chilled coconuts ($5) at the farmers market in Little Italy.


Basically, the outer husk is removed and a draw is inserted and that's it. It was delicious. Somebody in Memphis, copy this idea!

We decided to save the coconuts and do something with the meat. First, my brother-in-law's father went after it with a knife and couldn't get it open. Then my brother-in-law tried. No going. Finally, my sister got medieval with a hammer. Bingo!


Unfortunately, too much shell got into the meat to do much with it. Oh, well.

Finally, coworker and Vegan Crunker Bianca Phillips reviews coconut-milk nog from So Delicious. This is a great option for those who are avoiding dairy. Bianca recommends spiking it with brandy!


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