Spike Your Juice, a Kit for Homemade Hooch



One of the best things I've ever read was this account of making prison wine using tube socks, moldy bread, and ketchup. So, when I was offered a Spike Your Juice kit, I, of course, accepted.


It's pretty simple. The kit comes with packets of yeast/fermenters and an airlock. You take a big bottle of juice, pour in the packet, and top it with the airlock.


Forty-eight hours later, you've got alcohol!


We spiked pomegranate/cranberry juice and called it Red Drank.

The taste was much better than I expected — fizzy, not particularly strong.

The longer you leave the airlock on, the stronger the drink becomes. So, I left the rest over the weekend. Alas, before I could try it, somebody had finished the bottle!

Kits start at $9.99 and can be ordered through the Spike Your Juice site.

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