After attending the eighty3 preview, Hannah, Pam, and I decided to check out Alchemy, the newest restaurant in Cooper-Young.

One of the drink specials of the evening was the Sidecar ($11).


I've never had a Sidecar before, so I'm not sure how they're supposed to taste, but this one was good ... very sweet.


The menu is divided into four sections: meat, seafood, cheese plates, and vegetarian. We ordered the seared Akaushi beef ($12); chile-roasted fish tacos ($10); wild mushroom pancakes ($9); roasted asparagus ($7); Brussel sprouts ($6); as well as two cheese plates Pecorino Toscano ($6) and Carr Valley Mobay ($6).


My favorite dish was the mushroom pancakes — earthy flavor punch up with a dab of Chevre. The Brussel sprouts, gently cooked and slightly sweet, were also excellent. Ditto the asparagus.

I really like what they've done to the space. There's a huge bar in the center of restaurant, and the Grace/Au Fond French-country aesthetic has been replaced with a look that's more chic.

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